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"The author tackles the subject of sobriety with a brutal honesty
that is not only refreshing but uplifting."
Sobriety is a difficult challenge for everyone. If you’re new to sobriety, or have been sober for years, there are many daily challenges, anxieties and fears that can threaten long term recovery. Prayer and meditation are simple, reliable and time-tested methods that can help you improve your chances of staying sober and living in peace and joy. The Sober Journey provides simple solutions to finding serenity and success in recovery.  Written with many examples from the authors own experience, and offering an easy guide to follow, The Sober Journey is for anyone seeking a healthy and productive life free from the fears and anxieties that plague the minds of most addicts and alcoholics. Available in Paperback, Ebook or Audiobook
Are you curious about getting sober? Polluted! My Sober Journey is an intimate portrait of the author’s experience getting sober and the stages he passed through to get and stay clean. Humorous and raw, and always brutally honest, Polluted! charts the author’s harrowing path from the destruction and despair of a life fueled by alcohol and drug abuse to the freedom, joy, and purpose he found in sobriety. Polluted! My Sober Journey provides many of the answers you might have about living free from addiction and finding the joy and peace you deserve. With honesty, clarity, and empathy, Dirk Foster shares his own journey from the addiction that nearly killed him to a life filled with love and purpose. Available in Paperback, Ebook or Audiobook.
Staying sober is often more difficult than getting sober. Long-term, successful sobriety is filled with many difficult challenges. If you want to STAY sober, and rebuild your life, this book offers specific actions, goals and survival skills to anyone who wants to succeed in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. In order to avoid relapse and to experience the best that life has to offer, there are specific issues that every sober person has to face. Surviving Sobriety: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Recovery provides solutions and guidance concerning the crucial topics that people in recovery must confront, including: nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, money issues, spirituality, gratitude and healthy habits. 348 pages. Available in Paperback or Ebook.
Looking for the key to happiness in sobriety? Struggling to find your purpose? Worried your recovery might be in danger? Getting sober is never easy. Staying sober is often just as difficult. Giving up alcohol (or drugs) is a great achievement. However, it’s also important to remember that once you get sober, you still have to face life in all of its chaos. Just because you get sober doesn’t mean the rest of your days are going to be simple and care-free, without disturbances, sadness, or pain. Naturally, you want to experience more abundance and joy than sadness and pain, and that’s what this book is about; developing healthy habits that create gratitude, abundance, and joy. Available in Paperback, Ebook or Audiobook.
A healthy body is a crucial part of sobriety. Your body takes a beating as a result of addiction to alcohol and drug abuse. But there are simple ways to repair and rebuild your body, mind and spirit so you can lead a healthy, successful life in recovery. Being sober and being healthy are often completely separate things. Addiction can cause serious damage to your body. It’s important for you to find a way to recover your health in sobriety. Based on the author’s own experience with addiction, Sober Body offers a simple and easy plan for getting fit and healthy, one day at a time. Available in Paperback, Ebook, or Audiobook.
Whether you’re sober ten days or ten years most alcoholics, addicts and problem gamblers are often in bad financial shape. Once we get sober, many of us are dazed by the financial devastation of our lives. We’re broke and there doesn't seem to be any way out! One of the most difficult challenges you will face in recovery is establishing a stable and healthy financial life. Even people who have been sober for decades sometimes have serious money management problems that keep them from enjoying life more fully.  The good news is, there are ways to repair and rebuild your financial condition, and you don't need to be a financial wizard to implement them in your own life. In this book, you will learn crucial steps that will help you rebuild and repair your personal finances. Available in Paperback, Ebook or Audiobook.
Are you struggling to find peace? Are your restless, irritable or discontent? Do you want to focus your priorities? Give yourself the gift of prayer with this beautiful 150 day journal. The Serenity Prayer Journal is a beautiful guide to help boost your mood, strengthen your resilience and encourage you to meet each day without fear. Follow the simple prompts contained in this journal and take this profound prayer into every moment of your life. Available in Paperback.

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