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  • Best-Selling Author

  • Certified Sober Coach 

  • Certified Life Coach

  • 13 Years Sober

  • Fly-Fishing Fanatic

  • Dog Daddy

  • Good Husband (I try, anyway)


Hello, my name is Dirk and I'm an author, sober coach and recovering alcoholic. I grew up in California and went to college in Boston.

After graduation, I spent many years drinking and partying to alleviate loneliness, boredom, anger, and fear. My drinking got so bad that I nearly died on several occasions until I finally found the courage to ask for help. I've been sober for over thirteen years and my life is filled with numerous blessings, achievements, and love.


Before getting sober I was unemployed, lonely, sick, broke, and depressed. Since getting sober I have:


  • Regained my health

  • Gotten married

  • Launched two companies 

  • Purchased a home

  • Written six books

  • Become a certified recovery coach   

  • Become a certified life coach



That's just the beginning of what I've experienced and achieved in recovery. Sobriety has given me the opportunity to be reborn into a new life of hope, strength, and purpose.

Before  After Sober.jpg

Me before and after getting sober.