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Now More Than Ever People Need Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction


TRUCKEE, CA, October 5, 2020 – Fear, stress, uncertainty, and anxiety are well-known contributors to alcohol and drug addiction. Now, with the continued spread of COVID-19, substance abuse is reaching epic levels in the United States and around the world.  


According to a recent study by USC News, alcoholic beverage sales rose 55% in March; an alarming spike that indicates people are relying increasingly on alcohol to alleviate boredom and fear associated with COVID lockdowns and social distancing.


ABC News recently reported that alcohol consumption, especially for women, has risen sharply during the pandemic, which is raising concerns amongst experts in the field of addiction.


“Anxiety, fear and depression play a big role in addiction,” states Dirk Foster, a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach from Truckee, California. “Historically, during times of intense societal stress, alcohol and drug consumption tend to increase. This is especially true for people who are already prone to addiction. Right now, the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of people in the United States and around the world is showing up in increased levels of substance abuse. People are looking for answers and also for help.”


A variety of addiction support systems might be the key to reducing or controlling substance abuse during uncertain times.


  • Many people are now hosting 12 Step meetings on Zoom and other social media platforms.

  • Discussion boards that focus on addiction and substance abuse on platforms like Reddit and Twitter offer supportive arenas for people who are struggling with addiction.

  • Addiction recovery counseling, therapy, and coaching are also effective ways to assist people as they struggle with the anxiety associated with COVID.


“There are many resources for people who want help,” Dirk Foster adds. “Whether it’s through an online AA meeting, discussion rooms on social media, entering rehab, or working directly with a recovery coach, there are a variety of ways to access support. What’s important is that people, if they think they have a substance abuse problem, reach out and ask for help. There are resources available everywhere to anyone willing to ask.”


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About Dirk Foster

Dirk Foster is a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC I, NCRC II) and a best-selling author of 5 books about addiction. He is also the founder of the Sober Journey Facebook community. Dirk is also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict with 13 years of successful sobriety. With his training, certification, and personal experience, Dirk is available to help addicts and alcoholics navigate their own sober journey.

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