Do you need help in sobriety? Do you feel stuck, confused, uncertain, or fearful?  Do you want guidance rebuilding and repairing your life in recovery? With my experience and training, I can help you.

If you're sober or trying to get sober, you know how difficult it is to transition from alcohol or drug addiction to a healthy, successful life in recovery. I know from personal experience with my own addiction that recovery is never easy.

For most of us, alcoholism and addiction weaken motivation, destroys confidence, and poisons our self-esteem. Worst of all, addiction blocks us from reaching our full potential.  


If you're sober or trying to get sober now is the time to take charge and get your life back; motivated, content, happy and confident.


As a Sober Lifestyle Coach, I can help you repair and rebuild your life in recovery so that you can focus on accomplishing great things and living the life you desire.



We will work together, virtually or in-person, to help you build confidence, find your purpose, ignite your motivation, and achieve your goals in life.

A Sober Lifestyle Coach is a member of your sobriety team. A Sober Lifestyle Coach is different from an AA sponsor because we focus on the future, not the past. A Sober Lifestyle Coach can play a vital role in your recovery no matter how you get sober.

Together we will create a holistic plan designed to help you stay sober, avoid self-destructive behavior, build confidence, improve your health, and encourage growth, development, and success in every area of your life.



  • Building Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Igniting Motivation & Courage

  • Finding Passion & Purpose

  • Planning & Achieving Goals

  • Improving Fitness & Nutrition

  • Exploring Spiritual Health & Mindfulness



  • We'll speak by phone, in person, or virtually each week

  • We'll assess your specific situation and needs

  • We'll identify your challenges and goals 

  • We'll design a holistic success roadmap

  • We'll develop clear steps to achieve your goals

  • We'll develop healthy habits 

  • We'll Identify harmful triggers to avoid relapse

  • We'll track your progress each week

  • We'll embrace life changes and encourage growth

  • We'll focus on accountability and achievement

  • We'll develop positive behavior patterns

  • We'll move you toward long-term recovery and success

A Sober Lifestyle Coach practices active listening, planning, and guidance with each client in a private setting. Most sessions are done through a combination of Zoomphone, Facetimeemailtext, or in-personVirtual sessions allow me to help clients anywhere in the world.


Each client is unique and special. Therefore, your coaching plan will be tailored specifically to your needs. We will begin by talking over the phone during your FREE discovery call. This will be our opportunity to get to know one another and to answer any questions you might have.

Once you decide to work with me we'll create a coaching schedule that suits you best. Then we will begin an in-depth assessment that will help us design an action plan to reach your goals.


The foundation of each coaching package will include:

  • 60 Minute Private Sessions  

  • Daily Text/Email Support 

  • In-Depth Client Assessment

  • Comprehensive Goal Setting Plan

  • Ongoing Assessment and Support 

  • Life Skills Development and Exercises

  • Recovery and Confidence Training

  • Specifically Tailored Plan-of-Action

  • Ongoing Updates and Plan Review

  • Free Copy of My Book "Surviving Sobriety"

Ready to get started? Click the link below to schedule your FREE 30 Minute Session:

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