• Are you struggling to get sober?

  • Are you sober but feeling stuck?

  • Need help with recovery?

  • Want to build confidence?

  • Want to achieve certain goals?

  • Lacking passion or purpose?

  • Feel like something's missing?

  • Want to fine-tune areas of your life?

Getting sober is our opportunity to restructure our lives, pursue our passions, and find our purpose. But we often feel stuck, not knowing which way to turn or how to get started.

Together, we'll get you focused on the things you want from life. Don't give in to fear, boredom, or loneliness. Go out and get what you want!


If you're sober or trying to get sober, now is the time to take charge and get your life on track. As a Sober Life Coach, I can help you discover new and exciting ways to ignite your passion and achieve your goals.



We'll work together to help you build confidence, find your purpose, ignite your motivation, and achieve your goals.

A sober coach is different from an AA sponsor because we focus on the future, not the past, always moving forward toward your desired goals. I don't offer diagnoses or treatment for addiction. I help you get the most out of your life in sobriety.

Together we'll create a holistic plan designed to help you build confidence, improve your health, and encourage growth and success in targeted areas of your life.



  • Building confidence & self-esteem

  • Igniting motivation & courage

  • Finding passion & purpose

  • Planning & achieving goals

  • Improving fitness & nutrition

  • Developing spiritual strength



  • Speak daily, weekly, or monthly (you decide)

  • Assess specific needs and obstacles

  • Identify challenges and goals 

  • Develop clear steps to achieve goals 

  • Track progress and accomplishments

  • Embrace life changes

  • Encourage growth

  • Focus on accountability and achievement

  • Develop positive behavioral habits

  • Move toward long-term success

Sessions are done by Zoomphone, or in-person. Virtual sessions allow me to help clients anywhere in the world.

Therapy Session


Each client is unique and special. Therefore, your coaching plan will be tailored specifically to your needs. It starts with a FREE discovery call. This will be our opportunity to get to know one another and to answer any questions you might have.

The foundation of each session includes:

  • 60-minute private call (or in-person)

  • In-depth client assessment

  • Comprehensive goal setting plan

  • Life skills development and exercises

  • Confidence building exercises

  • Specifically tailored plan-of-action

  • Ongoing updates and plan review

  • Daily or weekly follow-up as needed



Click the link below to schedule a free session: